Enjoy your cows and take time to stand in the sun!

As I was thinking of what to write this month my wife reminded me that our mission statement says, “Supporting farmers to be the best they can be”, and then she asked “what does that mean right now?

As you know we specialize in cattle hoof care and our passion is to support you in all aspects of that. That is the trimming service, providing the equipment and tools and of course the training. But we also want to support you in other ways. It is a very challenging time for farmers with proposed law changes causing a great deal of unrest within the agricultural sector – and rightly so. However, without wanting to detract from the seriousness of the situation I wanted to remind you of your value and the value you bring to this country. I read this morning that the total Dairy Export Revenue is up 8.7% – a record-breaking result, well done – give yourselves a big pat on the back – in spite of increasing pressure on you all to perform and adapt to industry/global demands you have risen to the occasion and come out on top.

You can be proud of producing some of the highest quality food in the world whilst facing increasing scrutiny in all areas of your operation.

I would encourage you to take a moment to stop and look around you and appreciate the growth you have achieved over the years. This hasn’t happened by accident but has occurred as you have “taken the bull by the horns” and embraced the demands that have come your way, whether welcome or not, and continued to move forward.

I saw a poster in an insurance office window that said “growth without the pain” – an appealing idea, but as you and I both know it doesn’t work like that. There is always a degree or pain or discomfort associated with growth, and sometimes it can feel unbearable and unending, and the light at the end of the tunnel is obscured. Just remember you are good at what you do and hopefully you have a great team around you (if not I would encourage you to find someone as this is not a journey to walk alone). Take some time to stand in the sun and look out over your farm. Enjoy your cows, pat your dog, play with the kids, hug your wife (husband) and laugh (check out laughing therapy videos for help if needed!). And if you are passing Veehof please call in for a coffee and chat, you are most welcome.

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