Lameness Management Workshop

This workshop is designed to give students an overview of issues relating to lameness management and introduce them to the 5 step trimming process according to the Dutch Method. The workshop has both theory and practical aspects, so bring your gumboots, overalls, warm clothing, lunch and refreshments. Certificate on full attendance.

What our students say

It was a great experience, with very clear information on the online modules and the practice was really productive. I finally understood the cause of lameness in cows and I did enjoy working with the guys and the teacher.

– Simon Restrepo, Ashburton

The course was well organized and showed the correct techniques and processes well. the modules were referenced and Fred was an awesome teacher.

– Sean Bruce Alexander

Was a awesome course definitely recommend to go do.

– Johno Rodger

My husband and I attended a one-day seminar with DHI, and we simply expected to learn a few tips to better our trimming knowledge. But what we went home with was so much more!  Fred challenged us to think outside the box of what we believed to be the causes of lameness and opened our mind to consider the cows’ health as a whole, including her environment, diet and state of mind if you will. Since we have implemented some changes suggested by Fred, we’ve seen our lameness decrease a lot!
We will be back, and we look forward to it!

– Mel & Nathan, Taranaki

I enjoyed the lameness workshop.  I now understand a lot more about how lameness occurs and how to minimise it on farm.  I also enjoyed the practical side of the course as you could get tips along the way.

– Alisha Laurie, Rakaia

I would just like to pass on that we thoroughly enjoyed the workshop we had on our farm, Fred definitely opened our eyes to some of the issues we were having and really made us think outside the box. We are having a meeting with the farm owner to discuss the knowledge we have gained and we are hoping to implement some of the changes sooner rather than later. Please thank Fred on our behalf, to be honest I wished there were more hours in the day or we didn’t have to do avo milking just so we could do more cows!

– Riana, Ram Dairies Ltd

“Brilliant, Fred really got me thinking more logically and I found it very interesting. Went home with better trimming skills, whole new view on stones and more confident in the anatomy. I’m glad we focused more on preventing lameness/trimming well but I’d have loved to see Fred take on some really bad feet to see how he attacks them. The day also has left me with a huge amount of information I can use to improve the farm and cow wellbeing. Thoroughly Enjoyed.”

– Katie Barrett

The course was very beneficial and has made me much more confident in my ability to help lame cows while also providing some knowledge and ideas around preventing lameness before it becomes an issue

– William Renall

It is a really good way to learn all of the things that contribute to lameness and it is explained very well. It also helps to be able to do the practical section and know that someone is there to guide you.
– Margot, Gore

Very good, I like Fred’s view on feeding and the health of the hoof.
– Kieryn, Otautau

The 1-day course is invaluable, considering the hours spent doing the hooves incorrectly – it is a day well spent!

– Wiremu, Southland

There’s a lot to learn and lots of misconceptions about lameness and hoof trimming!

– Vanessa, Wellsford

I finally realise how the hoof becomes damaged and why our procedures affect the healing process. The course also helped my understanding of the correct hoof shape and how it affects the cow’s locomotion.

– Diane, Gore

A very different approach to looking at causes of lameness, probably quite different to what you previously thought caused lameness!

– Jonathan, Cambridge


There are good methods to be learnt along with good proactive ways to prevent lameness. This includes how to hoof trim, good hoof knife usage, etc.!!
Luke, Waimate

Very thought provoking – worth doing – will challenge all you know about hoof trimming!
Shane, Gore

A good course! It will teach you the proper way to trim cows hooves and do it correctly!
— Henri, Hamilton

Great guy! Makes you think more about what’s going on with cows in yard, in paddock, what they are eating – or not! Good tips on trimming and how to use a knife!
— Daniel, Invercargill

Lameness Management Workshop Case Study

Graham Wells

Owner/Operations Manager of Twin River Dairies

On the Canterbury Plains, 800 cows on 205 ha Fully irrigated, milking Platform

What Graham Wells says

A lot of people would consider hoof trimming one of the most frustrating and loathsome jobs… Yet, Fred, it’s his passion. So if it is a difficult job they put off, and it’s his passion,  well then, it’s worth listening to the man to find out what it is that makes him tick to get it right. “

– Graham Wells

Minimising the Time and Cost Effects of Cow Lameness

Graham Wells had invested time and energy into treating the lameness on his farm. He knew it impacted on the welfare of the cows, production levels, worker hours, general morale and, ultimately, profits. He read numerous articles, spoke to a variety of practitioners, and watched practical demonstrations. Yet, he knew that his practice wasn’t being effective. He was still losing money and wasting precious hours of time he should be using elsewhere.

Advanced Hoof Care Management Course

This workshop is designed to give students an overview of issues relating to lameness management and introduce them to the 5 step trimming process according to the Dutch Method. The workshop has both theory and practical aspects, so bring your gumboots, overalls, warm clothing, lunch and refreshments. Certificate on full attendance.

What our students say

We were given an overview of hoof anatomy and biomechanics and then spent every day on farms trimming under Fred’s supervision. Those five days were absolutely vital for obtaining the correct technique.


The preventative aspect of hoof trimming has got a major benefit financially. You only need to save a cow or two, and the cumulative effect on production makes the course well worthwhile. I can now prevent cows even becoming lame, but any that do I can fix easily, quickly and properly. The recurrence of lameness in those cows is reduced significantly.


Fred is an excellent teacher with heaps of experience, knowledge and patience. What you will learn may surprise you, but it will all make perfect sense. If you are the one to do the feet, do the course. Don’t let your staff loose on the feet if they haven’t!

– Paul McClintock, Dairy Farmer/Owner

Thank you for the fantastic opportunity. The course was brilliant- it was some of the best learning that I have ever had. I am most appreciative to you for sharing your years of accumulated knowledge. I certainly feel more equipped to work with farmers and other vets in hoof trimming and treatment as well as in a lameness advisory role. The experience has been invaluable to my future career and I am enthusiastic to continue to build on it. If anything- I will absolutely never forget the five steps!
– Kate Mackersey, Massey University Vet Student

You have no idea how lameness works – do the course. It will change your mind!
– Johan Buys, Morrinsville

If you want to manage and treat lame cows correctly and get them back in the herd quicker, then do the course!

– Todd Arnold, Morrinsville

Excellent way to learn correct methods of trimming and understanding why you do it that way – a better understanding of lameness and ways to prevent it.

– PJ Olivier, Waharoa

It definitely changed my knowledge around hoof trimming and treatment and I highly recommend if you want to minimise lameness in the herd!

– Fabiano P Barboza, Ashburton

Best practical course I’ve done that will have one of the largest financial impacts on my business!

– Will Ryan, Leongatha, VIC, Australia

Very informative, good practical experience, well organised, worth the financial investment (and yummy food!)

– Jess Everett, Kojonup, WA

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