One day workshop

Course outline

This workshop is for veterinarians only.

The workshop is designed for veterinarians that want to improve their hoof trimming technique and broaden their knowledge on lameness management and treatment. The workshop is both theory and practical where everyone will get the change to trim cows according to the 5 Step Dutch Method. Bring your gumboots, overalls, warm clothing, lunch and refreshments. Certificate on completion.

What you will learn

  • Anatomy and function of the hoof.
  • Impact of animal management on lameness.
  • Safe trimming techniques.
  • 5 Step Process of hoof trimming according to the Dutch Method.
  • Hoof block application.
  • Hoof-knife sharpening tips.

Costs and location

Location: On Farm
Time: 9am – 5pm (one day only)
Free Course Textbook: “Foot Care in Cattle”
Cost: $350.00 + plus GST

Meet your instructor


Fred Hoekstra is widely known throughout New Zealand for his skill and experience in hoof trimming and  for his ability to train others in this crucial  aspect of farm management.

Originally from Friesland, Holland, Fred moved out to NZ in 1990 to work on dairy farms but quickly realized that there was an opportunity for raising the standard of Hoof care so returned to Holland, gained his Diploma in Hoof Care from PTC Oenkerk, returning to start his own business.

Fred is passionate about lameness and related issues, and gained his Instructors Diploma in 2011. He is enthusiastic about extending the availability of hoof care training workshops nationwide. He is keen to conduct further research into lameness treatment and the benefits of preventative hoof care.

For the past few years, he has also presented a 2 day course for final year vet students at Massey University on the theory and practice of hoof trimming as part of their ‘Bovine Procedures Special Topic’.

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